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City council’s role in bringing safe injection to Edmonton was not well understood. Council members were asked to vote only on sending a letter of opinion. The majority on council agreed to support safe injection. But we were never told if the opinion carried any weight with the decision makers, the provincial and federal governments.

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Life is painted in shades of grey.So is politics, which is sometimes described as the art of compromise.My politics? I think of myself as a show-me centrist.So, the best decisions are made with facts, research and evidence, weighed alongside opinions from subject-matter experts, citizens and City administration.

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How are you spending your Friday night? Team McKeen is heading to Downtown Edmonton Community League for the evening — and we’d love to have you there. Bring your friends, bring your family (all ages)! What you need to know: Where: Downtown Edmonton Community League (10042 103 Street) When: 5pm Why: Beer, tacos, music, coming together. Shoutout to DJ Joses Martin, DJ Freshlan, Tres Carnales Taqueria, Strathcona Spirits and Alley Kat Brewery for bringing the...