Stephen Mandel"Scott McKeen will be one of the finest councillors we've ever had...I've come to respect his balanced views."

— Stephen Mandel, Mayor, City of Edmonton




Todd Babiak"I worked with Scott McKeen in media and watched him transform from a critic into something else. That 'something else' is why I believe he would be a terrific Councillor. He still asks good and important questions, guided by research and curiosity, but he knows where this city could be in four years, eight years, and he wants to fight for it. That isn't the work of a journalist. It's the work of a leader."

— Todd Babiak, Writer & Co-Founder of Story Engine


“Scott has been advocating for Ward 6 priorities for years, in his writings and volunteer work. His balanced views on taxation and civic investment are impressive. I’m convinced he will also set a new standard for community engagement and consultation, given his record in public-service journalism."

— Jarrett Campbell, President, Oliver Community League


Murray Billet"In the 15 years I have known Scott, I have learned that he has a robust understanding of Edmonton's complex civic issues. As resident of Oliver, he has taken the time to meet with and understand the many issues in our diverse communities. As a community leader and a seasoned veteran of city hall I join many other community leaders that believe Mr. McKeen will represent the best interests of tax payers in Ward 6. My choice for City Councillor is Scott McKeen."

— Murray Billet, Human Rights Activist & Former Member of the Edmonton Police Commission


Chris Buyze"Scott is thoughtful, articulate and cares deeply about the future of Edmonton and our core communities. His experience as a journalist, involvement in community, and deep understanding of downtown issues is why he's at the top of everyone's list as our next great City Councillor. I can't think of anyone better to represent community needs while helping manage growth. Scott is the Ward 6 candidate we not only want, but need."

Chris Buyze, President, Downtown Edmonton Community League


Steven Slupsky"I have worked with Scott and capitalized on his extensive and outstanding communication skills honed at the Edmonton Journal and later as a freelancer advising companies in Edmonton's technology industries. Scott understands the new economy and its importance to Edmonton's future prosperity. Moreover, he is an honest and hardworking individual with a solid grasp of the issues that our growing city is dealing with.

Scott's extensive communications skills, business acumen and knowledge are what the business community in Edmonton needs in a leader. I believe we can count on Scott to make a significant, positive and lasting contribution to our city."

— Steven Slupsky, Director, Metabolistics Inc.


Ken Cantor"I have known Scott for many years and as someone who lives and works in Ward 6, I believe he has a good grasp on the issues that affect the Ward and how to move forward with them. This election is not about catch phrases and branding, it’s about building on a solid foundation without letting it go to waste. Scott has the skills to move forward collaboratively and deliver real results without wasting time trying to score “political points” that just move us backward instead. I wish him every success as a candidate for Councillor in Ward 6."

— Ken Cantor, Commercial Manager, Qualico Developments


Patricia Isaac Endorsement"Scott is a man who says what he does and does what he says. He has been an incredible supporter of me and my career from the absolute birth of it. Being an Edmonton hometown girl, living in Vancouver, it has been wonderful having Scott keep an eye on me from afar, letting my hometown know the ins and outs of my BC life via the Edmonton Journal to YEG News Online. Truthfully, I am a fan of Scott's sincerity, authenticity and integrity…all while keeping a super sharp wit."

— Patricia Isaac, Actor, "Republic of Doyle"


 Brian Webb"I had the pleasure of working with Scott when I co-chaired the Mayor's Arts Visioning Committee. Scott is a knowledgeable and caring individual. He is an objective thinker who understands how we may all contribute to the vibrancy of our city. Scott knows and understands Edmonton's vibrant Arts Community. I can think of no better candidate. Go for it Scott!!"

Brian Webb, Brian Webb Dance Company


Sharfraaz Kaba"Scott is someone I would trust in building a vision for Edmonton. His experience at the Journal and as a reporter gives him a big picture view that is needed at City Hall. His personal interest in issues and the people behind them will go a long way to build trust and collaborative efforts to move forward."

Shafraaz Kaba, Architect & Partner, Manasc Isaac Architects


Michael Kalmanovitch"I always appreciated Scott’s insights on the inner workings of City Hall when he worked for The Edmonton Journal. But I think it was his honesty in writing about his own life challenges that elevated my esteem for him. I offer my support for Scott in his bid to represent Ward 6 on City Council."

— Michael Kalmanovitch, Proprietor, Earth’s General Store


"Scott has been a regular and loyal customer of ours since the early days, and he has never faltered in his commitment to small and local businesses. He understands that the heart of a city is its core, and he is committed to ensuring that vibrant communities flourish within that core, rather than diminish under the pressures of urban sprawl. We believe that Scott McKeen will contribute invaluable insight to City Council, while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to our community."

— Fadi Smaidi, Owner & Operator, Dahlia's Bistro


Marie L. Gordon Q.C."I've known Scott from his days as one of the most interesting and thoughtful columnists at the Edmonton Journal. I've always appreciated his knowledge of what makes a community work, and what's required to inject a note of humanity into the conversations we have at City Hall. Scott is fearless, curious, outspoken and has a deep knowledge about what can be achieved at City Hall to create a better Edmonton. He'd be a great Councillor for Ward 6!"

— Marie L. Gordon Q.C., Lawyer


Daniel Eggert"I came to know Scott when he joined the Board Of Directors of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre For Newcomers (EMCN). What has impressed me with Scott is his ability to work with diverse groups of people and keep the focus on solving problems. Scott is a quick study with a gift of being able to add value at a strategic level while also being able to work through the details. I couldn't think of a better person to represent the diversity of Edmonton's downtown and hope Scott's successful in earning the support of fellow Edmontonians."

— Daniel Eggert, Chairman, Edmonton Mennonite Centre For Newcomers


 "I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Scott McKeen for many years. Scott has always seen the big picture and understood the power of prevention in creating safe communities. He has been a champion of community policing through his endorsement of groups like REACH Edmonton and appreciates how critical it is for the community and the police to work together keeping everyone safe. He is smart, balanced and fair and would make a great addition to Edmonton’s City Council."

— Fred Rayner, Founding Chair of REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities


"I was put in contact with Scott McKeen in 2009 after our family experienced a tragedy. He came highly recommended as someone who would do our story justice. It was my hope to create awareness and change in our society around the issue of bullying. Scott met with us and wrote a powerful article on the topic of bullying and its hidden impact on kids and their loved ones.  Scott's empathy will be a benefit to city. He cares about people and their needs."

Betty Wedman, mother of Alex, who died in 2008


Kara and Nevin Fenske“I wanted to say that I am so happy Scott is running in our Ward. As a young couple with a new baby, small business and an apartment downtown, we are hanging on to the hope that we can stay downtown and have the opportunity to raise our family here. His vision is inspiring and we look forward to Scott being our Councillor come October 21."

— Kara and Nevin Fenske, Owners & Operators of Drift Food Truck


Steve Best“I was part of the producing team on the NBC / Lions Gate television series, Fear Itself, that filmed thirteen episodes in Edmonton in 2008. I met Scott when he came on set to do a story on the production. Over the weeks and months that followed, he took the time to showcase and connect us with Edmonton and its  wonderful people. Scott couldn't have been a better ambassador for Edmonton.”

— Steve Best, Film and Television Producer


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