How do I contact Councillor McKeen?

  • You can call his office - 780-496-8140
  • You can email him - scott.mckeen@edmonton.ca
  • You can write him a letter - 2nd Floor, City Hall
  • 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square NW
  • Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2R7
  • You can use the online message tool found here

Are there other ways of engaging with your office? What if I have a general question that doesn’t necessarily need the Councillor’s response?


Yes! My office is more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns with Ward 6 that you might have.

You can contact:       

I’ve often been told to call 311 with any complaints or concerns about the City of Edmonton, what is it?


311 is Edmonton’s non-emergency phone line for City government information and services. It provides residents, businesses and visitors with ease of access through a central point of contact for their city needs. It is a great way for the City of Edmonton to recognize and prioritize actions based on the number of similar complaints.

Remember, 311 does not replace 911. If you are in an emergency situation please call 911 for assistance. 

How do I learn more about the City of Edmonton and Ward 6?


www.edmonton.ca is a great place to start learning about the City of Edmonton. From there you are able to access information about resident services, attractions and recreation facilities and transportation services. The City also has an Open Data Catalogue which gives indepth details and data on how our city works and what we do: https://data.edmonton.ca/

You can also find information about Ward 6 through websites like:  www.edmontondowntown.com, www.edmontonstories.com, www.4thstpromenade.ca, www.124street.ca, www.chinatownlittleitaly.com,

Community leagues are a great place to find out what is happening on your block. Most leagues have websites or Facebook pages that will keep you updated on events, meetings and important information about your neighbourhood.

How do I find information about construction and development projects in Ward 6?


You can start with the City of Edmonton’s website. Under the Transportation tab you can find an interactive map under the On Your Streets link. From there you can see which construction projects are happening on your streets, the status of those projects and contact information.

You can also find information on major city developments under the City Government tab and using the Projects and Redevelopment link.

As always, if you have specific questions about a construction project in Ward 6 you can contact my office. 

I know each Councillor sits on Committees, which are you on?

  • Community Standards and License Appeal Committee
  • Council Services Committee
  • Edmonton Police Commission
  • Executive Committee 

Each Councillor is also involved in a number of initiatives which help build our city and keep pace with the changes around us. I am currently working with the Arts and Culture Initiative, Winter Cities Initiative and my very own Urban Isolation and Mental Health Initiative. 

What political party do you belong too?


There is no party system in municipal politics and I am not a member of any provincial or federal political party.

What are your political leanings?


As a journalist, I covered city council for 12 years. The councillors who impressed me most were those who struggled to make decisions. They had no simple, ideological template to apply to decisions. I have no such template, either. I'm neither a strident conservative or socialist. I want to live in a just, welcoming and vibrant community, with impressive public services and facilities. But I'm also keenly aware that property taxes are regressive and that council must always nitpick the budget to keep the tax burden as low as possible. By the way, I'm not a member of any political party.

Why did you run for Council?


I ran because of my growing interest in public service. Simply put, I'm happiest when I'm trying to help others. But I also have a keen interest in civic affairs, after 12 years of reporting and offering opinions on city council and city operations. To my mind, city politics is not only the closest to the people, but it has the most influence over our quality of life.