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How do I learn more about the City of Edmonton and Ward 6?


www.edmonton.ca is a great place to start learning about the City of Edmonton. From there you are able to access information about resident services, attractions and recreation facilities and transportation services. The City also has an Open Data Catalogue which gives indepth details and data on how our city works and what we do: https://data.edmonton.ca/

You can also find information about Ward 6 through websites like:  www.edmontondowntown.com, www.edmontonstories.com, www.4thstpromenade.ca, www.124street.ca, www.chinatownlittleitaly.com,

Community leagues are a great place to find out what is happening on your block. Most leagues have websites or Facebook pages that will keep you updated on events, meetings and important information about your neighbourhood.


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