Two words define Scott’s campaign for Ward 6 City Councillor: Core Values.

More than a motto or slogan, Core Values speak to a central philosophy for Ward 6.

Scott and Grosvenor legend BillCore Communities.

Ward 6 communities deserve the care, attention and investment to ensure they remain Edmonton’s vibrant heart and soul.

Ward 6 is made up of Edmonton’s most historic neighbourhoods. Cautionary tales from other cities reveal how vulnerable the urban core is to decay and a subsequent flight to the ‘burbs.



Core Services. 

A clean, safe and attractive city core is a key to Edmonton’s future prosperity.

A sacred trust exists between taxpayer and city councillor. Funding the basics must be a priority.

Slashed civic budgets in the mid 1990s led to cuts in road maintenance, that led to today’s pothole epidemic.

We need to raise the bar on core services — road and parks maintenance, snow clearing, policing, and beyond.

Scott and his son MattCore Human Values. 

Scott’s campaign aspires to walk the talk of positive human values.

We believe in community. In neighborliness. In citizen engagement and citizen empowerment.

We believe in transparency, honesty and humility in our leaders.

Most of all, we want to hear whether your personal values and community aspirations are being heard, and reflected at City Hall.

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