Municipal Services

The city is constantly challenged to do more with less. To grow and maintain services. To be careful in asking our citizens to do more.

People rightly expect a lot from their city government. But sustaining civic services requires us to be smarter about the things we do and how we do them.

We must always challenge assumptions. As a life-long journalist, I’m a trained skeptic. I will always challenge the status quo and question staff on how we can do things smarter, better, fast and more efficiently.

Therefore, I support:

  1. Increasing the resources of the City Auditors office to allow for more audits and more timely audits of civic departments and services.

  2. Increasing the scope of the Office of Project Management. City-led projects too often come in at higher cost than similar projects in the private sector. More needs to be done to streamline city processes, to capture and manage community expectations, and to deliver on time and on budget. If this office isn’t achieving these results, we need to fix it.

  3. Create a new position, Council Budget Officer, to oversee and report directly to council as the budget is prepared. The budget officer will have the resources and expertise to offer council high-level advice, based on the City of Edmonton’s started priorities. The budget officer, though a direct employee of council, would disclose all findings to the public.

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